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Share God’s Word in Sign Language
With you, deaf communities around the world get the opportunity to experience God’s Word in sign language.
Every $30 allows 1 Deaf person to share God's Word with at least 10 others in their community.
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How many people use sign language daily?
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Why can't Deaf people just read the Bible?
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How many sign languages have no Bible translation?
For 70 million people worldwide, sign language is the first or only language they know and use daily.

It's what we call a heart language that connects deeply to a person's identity.
Join this Global Movement!

Deaf Bible Society provides free access to Bible translations by video in 25+ sign languages. We celebrate the contributions of all the Deaf translation teams and partners who have made this possible.

We connect the Deaf community by training leaders to establish Deaf Bible Together groups. And our Deaf Church Where tool points the way to Christian services and ministries for the Deaf.

We invite everyone — Deaf and hearing — to join this global movement so the Deaf can receive, experience, and share the hope of the gospel in Jesus Christ.

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98% of the Deaf are unreached
by the Gospel. Help share it!